Hello, and welcome to my site! My name is Marit Saxegaard, and I'm a Norwegian artist and printmaker.

 My art is very much linked with my personal life; I'm a nature addict and most of my motives are inspired by discoveries I do on my daily walks. I love to study nature close up and in a slow manner, and I like to sit down and take notes in my nature journal. More often than not I bring gifts from nature back to the house, and I love to surround myself with these findings. My family is a tribe of foragers, and we use nature for food, for heating, for building materials, for natural healing and to make art.

Botanical prints belong to a tradition that goes way back and are used in a wide variety by many artists today. My prints are made using dry or freesh plant parts, and they're printed in my etching press. Each print is an original, and I can never make two alike even though I use the same motive in several different prints. 

Cyanotype prints are also a form of contact print. The method was discovered in 1842, and has been used by botanists and artists since then. The paper is sensitised by a cyanotype emulsion, and is then exposed to direct sunlight. Each cyanotype print is an original. 

The Prop Boxes are carefully curated collections of bits and pieces, made and found, put together in treasure chests with a story. They can be used to create social media photography, to make a piece of art to hang on the wall or just kept in a drawer to enjoy once in a while.

Thank you for visiting - I hope you'll enjoy my selection of works!

 If you'd like to see more of my art, you're welcome to visit my home page.